My favorite Relative

Ruby isn’t perfect but she’s pretty kind. She gets into fights with her cousins and stop talking for a few days or weeks but they still love her. They have grown up together. She is really cousin to one of her cousins. She can also be a best friend to them. Ruby can sometimes be stubborn but her family already know how to deal with her. She trusts her cousins for then her friends. Ruby has such good times; she’s always laughing. Ruby spends the nights with cousins on the weekends and never go to sleep. She really likes to travel during school breaks. She usually go to California to visit her family. She can be mean but everyone loves her.


My Favorite Holiday

Christmas is the best holiday. It has gifts that you’ve been asking for a long time. Gifts bring excitement. For example, everyone is so desperate to start opening their presents. The little kids have already peaked into them. Also, Christmas has family time which is the best! You can see cousins, uncles, aunts, grandma and grandpa. There is lots of joyous laughter and the bad jokes Uncle Bob says. Being united with the family is the best feeling because there is so such happiness going on. It has lots of food makings. Tamales are made and posole is made. There are lots of other Mexican food that is made but those some of the best ones. Being united with the whole family is the best feeling because it just feels right being there with everyone.

My Favorite Season

WInter is one of the best seasons. Snow is one of the advantages of winter. Snow is very white . When there’s snow, all you want to do is play in it. Everyone loves the snow in winter because they don’t have to go to  work, get to sleep in and stay home. Without getting in trouble at work!  While at home you can drink hot chocolate.  Hot chocolate in the morning feels so good. It has a very good chocolate taste and it’s just so hot it warms you up fast. Most people like the winter because it gets cold and they like just snuggling into their blankets. There are not that many sounds in the winter. It is very quiet. It seems like night time all day. WInter is the most optimum season.

My Memorable Water Place

Her name is Anahi. She is 16 years old, standing in front of the Santa Cruz Ocean. Her feet sink into the hot sand for standing there for so long. She stays away from the water splashings because it tastes salty, but she loves the view of the beautiful sunset. There are many people running, swimming, and surfing around her. These people are either laughing and having a good time with their family or dealing with their crying babies. The sounds of the waves is so relaxing. She loves how waves go from huge to small as they end by touching the tips of her toes. The wind is so powerful it makes her hair go all over her face. It does make her ears cold but she likes the feeling because she feels like a movie star with just the wind moving her hair all sexy like. Behind her, amusement rides rise from the boardwalk, and people just scream from the tip of their lungs because they’re just scared to get off or how much fun they are having. She really wanted to go over there and get on the rides but she just felt so good and relaxed where she was standing so she just stayed where she was. She will always remember this place because she goes every year with her family that she loves very much.  As she looks into the ocean she feels like it just never ends.

What can we do to support fair trade?

Fair trade is a social movement that helps farmers trade fairly. Something we can do to support fair trade is tell people about fair trade and explain to them what is it and how they can support it. The more we tell people about fair trade the better it is for farmers. We could purchase fair trade food, clothing, funiture or other items. Fair trade puducts are not expensive there are good quality. Just by buying one fair product you can help many families out.

Why don’t more people support Fair Trade?

Many people don’t support fair trade because some people don’t care about it, or not aware of the impacts, or some people are miss informed and others think the products are very expensive. Fair trade products are not expensive even though there are better quality. It is better quality because when farmers get paid well they try there best in making better the products. It is worth buying fair trade product because you are helping millions of families by just fair trade products. If people were more informed on the fair trade products there would be more people supporting fair trade and know it is for a good cause and that it’s better and sustainable.

What is another reason people should support Fair Trade?

Another reason people should support fair trade is because food is better and supports local community buildings. Fair trade is a social movement that helps farmers trade fairly. This is because when people invest in fair trade you also help invest in local communities. Fair trade produces organic foods like for example coffee. Coffee is processed without harsh chemicals. Organic coffee plants create that holds their nutrients better. This means you should support fair trade.

Why should people support Fair Trade?

Fair trade is a social movement that helps farmers trade fairly. People should support fair trade because it is good for the farmers so they could get paid better and fairly and it helps our environment to be more sustainably. This is important because all these farmers products are things we use on a daily basis like for example coffee. Fair trade foods are better in investing and they taste better because fair trade food is fresher and taste better.

What is Fair Trade?

Fair trade is a social movement that helps farmers trade fairly. An example of fair trade is helping poor farmers exchange foods at a fair price that helps both farmers and consumers. This is important because fair trade products have millions of producers providing these foods for you. Without fair trade farmers wouldn’t even get the money they do, they deserve more than what they actually get.

What is the impact of global warming/climate change? How have humans contributed? What can we do as communities to fit the situation and why should we care?

The impacts of global warming are environmental and social issues on the earths atmosphere. Humans are contributing by changing emissions regulations and building greenhouses. As a community we can contribute to being eco friendly by using naturally powered electronics and vehicles such as solar panels, windmills, and electric cars.