My Memorable Water Place

Her name is Anahi. She is 16 years old, standing in front of the Santa Cruz Ocean. Her feet sink into the hot sand for standing there for so long. She stays away from the water splashings because it tastes salty, but she loves the view of the beautiful sunset. There are many people running, swimming, and surfing around her. These people are either laughing and having a good time with their family or dealing with their crying babies. The sounds of the waves is so relaxing. She loves how waves go from huge to small as they end by touching the tips of her toes. The wind is so powerful it makes her hair go all over her face. It does make her ears cold but she likes the feeling because she feels like a movie star with just the wind moving her hair all sexy like. Behind her, amusement rides rise from the boardwalk, and people just scream from the tip of their lungs because they’re just scared to get off or how much fun they are having. She really wanted to go over there and get on the rides but she just felt so good and relaxed where she was standing so she just stayed where she was. She will always remember this place because she goes every year with her family that she loves very much.  As she looks into the ocean she feels like it just never ends.


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