Why don’t more people support Fair Trade?

Many people don’t support fair trade because some people don’t care about it, or not aware of the impacts, or some people are miss informed and others think the products are very expensive. Fair trade products are not expensive even though there are better quality. It is better quality because when farmers get paid well they try there best in making better the products. It is worth buying fair trade product because you are helping millions of families by just fair trade products. If people were more informed on the fair trade products there would be more people supporting fair trade and know it is for a good cause and that it’s better and sustainable.


What is another reason people should support Fair Trade?

Another reason people should support fair trade is because food is better and supports local community buildings. Fair trade is a social movement that helps farmers trade fairly. This is because when people invest in fair trade you also help invest in local communities. Fair trade produces organic foods like for example coffee. Coffee is processed without harsh chemicals. Organic coffee plants create that holds their nutrients better. This means you should support fair trade.


Why should people support Fair Trade?

Fair trade is a social movement that helps farmers trade fairly. People should support fair trade because it is good for the farmers so they could get paid better and fairly and it helps our environment to be more sustainably. This is important because all these farmers products are things we use on a daily basis like for example coffee. Fair trade foods are better in investing and they taste better because fair trade food is fresher and taste better.

What is Fair Trade?

Fair trade is a social movement that helps farmers trade fairly. An example of fair trade is helping poor farmers exchange foods at a fair price that helps both farmers and consumers. This is important because fair trade products have millions of producers providing these foods for you. Without fair trade farmers wouldn’t even get the money they do, they deserve more than what they actually get.