What is the impact of global warming/climate change? How have humans contributed? What can we do as communities to fit the situation and why should we care?

The impacts of global warming are environmental and social issues on the earths atmosphere. Humans are contributing by changing emissions regulations and building greenhouses. As a community we can contribute to being eco friendly by using naturally powered electronics and vehicles such as solar panels, windmills, and electric cars.


Why is it important to use alternative energy?

Alternative energy is an energy source that can be used in place of fossil fuels. It is important because it brings economical benefits, like never running out and being sustainable. Renewable energy does not produce any wastes like carbon dioxide or other chemical pollutants.

What is one alternative energy that you/your community should support? Explain how it works, and what the benefits of that alternative energy are.

An alternative energy that I think our community should support is hydroelectric power. The northwest has many great resources such as bodies of water like rivers and lakes for building Hydroelectric plants like dams. The way hydroelectric power works by a power source that is used to turn on a propeller, which is called a turbine and it turn a metal shaft in the electricity generator that motor process electricity. The only disadvantage is that it is expensive and has to be built at a high standard but it will last for many years.

How can biodiesel help reduce carbon footprint? How is it made, and what are the benefits.

Biodiesel is made of a chemical process called transesterification where the glycerin is separated from the fat or the vegetable oil. Biodiesel can help reduce carbon footprint by growing our own gardens at home, reducing the use of heating and cooling systems. This will help save energy and your money and you will be living sustainably. Unplug or shut off things when you’re not using them.